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Whether you’re on a gluten free diet, or simply looking for a great tasting, nutritious snack, Crunchmaster crackers are a perfect complement to your healthy, happy lifestyle.

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Hear What People Are Saying About Crunchmaster...

I just love the Multi-Grain Crackers w/Sea Salt. Plan on trying them all. Going to try some recipes.

I have been a more than satisfied customer for 2 years and all of my snacks include wonderful Crunchmaster crackers! Thanks for such wonderful products!

Sturgeon Bay,Wisconsin
I have been treated for colorectal cancer for the past 4 years and part of that is to be on a gluten free,dairy free and no refined sugars diet. I am anxious to try these crackers.

Kirkwood,New York
I love the original 5 grain Crunchmaster Crackers. I don't have a gluten allergy, but am slowly going vegan. I am also trying to stay away from sugar and white flour so these crackers are about the only snack that I eat.

My automimmune disease has inspired me to eat a healthy gluten free diet. Upon researching new gluten free foods, Crunchmaster crackers popped up and now I'm super eager to try!

Chapen Hill,North Carolina
My husband and I were looking for a tastier and lighter cracker since we are changing our lifestyle. Suddenly in Costco we got a sample of these wonderful crackers and now we have tried in seafood, cheese, hummus, dips and jellies. These crackers are the best, and apart from the taste, they also have this crunchy feeling that makes my hubby happy :-) Please continue making this amazing product.

Apex,North Carolina
Just tried these crackers for the first time. I must say they are my favorite crackers! I am now a loyal fan!

coeur d alene,Idaho
My family and I have changed our eating habits to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle...and we love Crunchmaster products!

Corinth ,Kentucky
I recently got a free sample at the store and now I'm obsessed with these crackers, especially with goat cheese. I love these crackers and love that they are gluten free and non GMO.

Thank you for producing a truly healthy snack cracker!!!

Cranston,Rhode Island
I found these crackers over a year ago and won't buy anything else now for myself and my family

jackson center,Pennsylvania
Hypoglycemia has forced me (a non snacker) to find tasty snacks for on the go. Crunchmaster is the best tasting!

Gluten or no gluten, these crackers are good. How 'bout a crunchmaster cracker commercial with a 90's hip-hop theme set to MC Hammer's "Hammer Time" except...wait for it...."Cracker Time!" it'll stick...i said "cracker time" just once and now i can't stop. every time i open a bag i automatically say "cracker time"! has rocky taken too many shots to the head? -Rocky

Bought these crackers because I started a diet and their nutrition info fit right in. When I tasted the first cracker I was completely blown away by the taste. Needless to say I came home with an empty bag once I let my co-workers try them too. Now we are all hooked on these wonderful crackers.

I am a culinary student and I love these crackers will make many great dishes with these. No other cracker can top these.

Sam's Club was giving samples out and I wasn't interested until the said that they were gluten free. We had just stared eating a gluten free diet 2 weeks prior, because my youngest child was diagnosed with celiac disease. To be honest, I did not care for the taste, but went ahead and bought the box, because my oldest liked them and I was just happy to find gluten free crackers. Well, that night I wanted some cheese and crackers and these were the only crackers in the house. Holy moly, I'm addicted to these things now! They are seriously my favorite cracker ever! I'm actually getting anxiety that my supply is almost gone, lol! Thanks for making this great cracker, and I can't wait to try your other products.

Las Vegas ,Nevada
OMG your Multi-Seed Crackers are so good, I have never loved a cracker so much, I have been sharing them with co-workers and they love them also.

east peoria ,Illinois
I don't have any gluten issues - I just love these crackers! I received a sample from and instantly fell in love with the flavor and crunchiness. I've been a loyal snacker ever since.

Love love love these crackers. I eliminated most refined cracker products for my and my husbands health and these are some of the best I've tasted.

Bloomfield Hills,Maryland
I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that compromised my vision. I was placed on high doses of steroids etc, but found that eating whole fresh food and going gluten free & plant based aided in my feeling better & managing this illness much better than just taking the prescription meds alone! Love these crackers & really fills a void when looking for unprocessed, crunchy, gluten-free snacks!

Spring hill,Florida
Yummy crackers

I LOVE these crackers!

These are the only crackers found in our house. So delicious!

love your gluten free crackers, can't wait to try your other products!

Crunchmaster crackers are awesome! The crackers are both delicious and healthy!

Black River Falls,Wisconsin
I have been struggling with my gluten issues for over 2 yrs now. As our community has come a long way in providing products that I enjoy eating, I am so glad to have found your products while shopping an hr out of town.

Marion,New York
I've been gluten intolerant for years and it's nice to know about new foods that taste great.

Sugar Grove,Pennsylvania
Just wanting to try new things. I have had gastric bypass and want to eat things good for me.

I first tried them in my Gopicnic box. I'm glad to know I can buy them locally.

Saint Johns,Michigan
Have been enjoying the five grain crackers for a long time and now hooked on the baked rice white cheddar crackers! Wish I could find them in a larger quantity. Great crackers. Thank you.

I decided to go Gluten Free in January 2013. Since then, I have felt better than I have in the past 10 years! I have suffered from intestinal issues that were never able to be diagnosed and now those issues are pretty much GONE.

Warsaw,North Carolina
Brother-in-law brought these to a family dinner. I had to get him to buy me some more! WOW! Thanks for a great cracker. Now I will order more.

I love the roasted garlic crackers! I have bought 3 bags within the last week. They taste amazing! The best crackers I have had in a long time! They taste great with spinach dip. It's nice to have a healthy cracker that you can't eat along with the great recipes on this site. They can be a great appetizer for parties. They have a unique taste that's makes it all the better. I recommend the garlic flavored crackers to all my friends.

Palm Springs,California
Add me to the list of Crunchmaster addicts! No other cracker compares! I crave these crackers. They taste fantastic, have great nutrition and are perfect alone or with cheese, etc.

Avila Beach,California
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We are allergic to artificial colors as well as wheat products. We are excited to try your products.

About 2 years ago we found out most of my family had lots of food allergies, including but not limited to wheat and soy. I've struggled to find tasty foods and snacks. I'm very grateful to have found Crunchmaster!

Wilmington,North Carolina
I discovered your Multigrain crackers at our local Sams Club several months ago. While these were good, I was even more impressed when a month or so later they began carrying your 7 Grain Crackers (seasalt). This is, in my opinion, a much tastier product. I am so disappointed that I can no longer find the 7 Grain Crackers anywhere! Not in your online store, not in Sams nor in Costco. Is the new 7 Ancient Grain cracker the same product? (BTW, it is not available in Sams or Costco either.) At least I can find that on line.

I love your product, but can't find the original in Amarillo, TX.

Hamilton,New Jersey
Need healthy snacks.

Crunchmaster:  Then you have come to the right place!  Hope you enjoy our products!

We love your products! They are a blessing for this family with Celiac.

Newburgh,New York
After having so many gastrointestinal problems along with headaches and allergies for so many years, I found out that I had a gluten sensitivity, therefore I had to change my way of eating..I have tried so many different products. I found these crackers and they are delicious! I would definitely recommend them.

Nashua,New Hampshire
I tried the crackers at the gym; now I am buying them every week!!! My boyfriend and I love them a lot!!

lady lake,Florida
My son was diagnosed at 2 years old with type 1 diabetes and a year later with celiac disease which means he must be on a gluten free diet for the rest of his life and the new cheese and cinnamon sugar crackers are heaven sent for a mother of a preschooler on a gluten free diet...thank you!!

Cedar Springs,Michigan
Was having a lot of headaches - nurse practioner sent me to an ear/nose/throat specialist. After all the xrays and testing the doctor said he couldn't find anything wrong and I needed to look else where. A friend had just found out that all the medical problems he was having was due to gluten so thought I would give it a try. Guess what - headaches and nausea gone. I can tell immediatly when I eat something with gluten in it - massive headache that can last up to 3 days.

Collinsville ,Oklahoma
As a dietitian I am always looking for products that can be used by clients with gluten intolerance. I was thrilled to run across these crackers at Walmart! They are tasty, accessible, and affordable!

I received a sample pack of the multi-grain crackers from my gym. These are the best crackers! I can't wait to try the other flavors.

Mattituck,New York
Since reading "The Wheat Belly" by Dr. William Davis, I have decided to go gluten free - my father is celiac, and I have suffered with digestive issues for many years, but didn't want to give up the bread, cakes, etc., until I read this book. Wow. Life changer.

I bought your crackers at Sam's Club. They are the best cracker I have ever eaten. I am addicted to them. They are healthy & the best tasting cracker. I just love them.

Love em!!!