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Crunchmaster Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Are your products free from GMOs?
Crunchmaster proudly supports the Non GMO Project.  For the complete list of our certified GMO free products, see Non-GMO Project Website (Crunchmaster Page).

How are Crunchmaster crackers made?
Crunchmaster are made with a traditional rice cracker technology from Japan called "Usuyaki".  We start with pure, California rice, add inclusions (like seeds), dry them to a precise moisture, bake them to perfection, and lightly coat them with a touch of heart healthy safflower oil and the highest quality seasonings.  

Why are your Crunchmaster Multi-Grain Crackers not on available for sale on your online store?
The 20oz size of our Original Multi-Seed Crackers is made to order for club stores only. As a result, we do not keep inventory of this item or have the ability to sell it through our online store. If you like this flavor, the Original Multi-Seed Crackers in our 4.5oz retail size is the same product.

Are Crunchmaster products gluten free?
All of our Crunchmaster crackers are certified gluten free by the Gluten Free Certification Organization (see for more information).   Crunchmaster products are made on dedicated, certified gluten free rice cracker production lines at our plant in Rockford, IL or Henderson, NV using only gluten free ingredients.  In addition, the GFCO process that we follow includes testing of every production run in our internal, gluten testing laboratories prior to shipment for added assurance..

What is Gluten?
Gluten refers only to proteins that are contained in some grains that are known to damage the small intestine for persons with gluten-sensitive enteropathy (including celiac disease and dermatitis herpetiformis). Gluten is found principally in wheat, rye, spelt, triticale, and barley, but can be found in many ingredients that are derived from these grains as well.  For more detail, please see

Do Crunchmaster products contain wheat?
All Crunchmaster products have no wheat ingredients.  

Are there eggs in Crunchmaster products?
Crunchmaster products are free from egg ingredients.  

Do Crunchmaster products contain trans fat?
ALL of our Crunchmaster products contain ZERO (0) grams of Trans Fat.  They are all baked, not fried.  We do use a small amount of heart healthy Expeller Pressed Safflower Oil to get those tasty seasonings to adhere to the crackers and to increase the shelf life of our products.  

Which Crunchmaster products are low fat?
Crunchmaster baked rice crackers have only 2 lowly grams of fat per 16 crackers (30g) serving.  Crunchmaster multi-seed/multi-grain crackers are low in saturated fat and contain 5g of fat per serving, coming primarily from the seeds.   

Are your products safe to eat for people with Peanut Allergies?
All Crunchmaster products are processed in an environment free of peanuts. We consider them to be safe for persons with peanut allergies to enjoy.  Our processing plants also make products that contain tree nuts (hazelnuts, almonds and pecans).  Our operations, quality and sanitation team uses good manufacturing practices (GMPs) to minimize the potential for cross contamination.

Are Crunchmaster products Kosher?
All Crunchmaster products are certified kosher by the Orthodox Union (OU).  You can find our items listed on their website at

Are your products Dairy Free?
We have several products in our Crunchmaster line that are contain no milk/dairy, including:  20 oz Crunchmaster Original Multi-Seed/Multi-Grain Crackers, 4.5 oz Crunchmaster Original Multi-Seed Crackers & Crisps, 4.5 oz/20 oz Sea Salt Multi-Grain Crackers, 3.5 oz Hint of Sea Salt 7 Ancient Grains Crackers, 3.5oz Cinnamon & Sugar Grammy Crisps and 3.5oz Crunchmaster Toasted Sesame Baked Rice Crackers.  Please consult the allergen statement underneath the ingredient decks on each of our products to verify items that meet your dietary requirements.

Can you send me samples?
At this time we are unable to send samples to individual consumers.  However, we can direct you to a store location in your area where we sample our products quite frequently.  You can also buy Crunchmaster through our online store.

Where can I buy your Crunchmaster crackers?
Please see our store locator section.  You can also buy Crunchmaster through our online store.

Do you have coupons?
We have coupons that we distribute via See our coupons by clicking here.  

Does TH Foods have a retail store?
At this time, we do not have a retail store at our production facilities. To find a retail store near you, use our store locator (left) or you can also order online.

What is "Expeller Pressed" oil?
'Expeller Pressed' refers to the way the oil has been extracted from the seeds. Oil can be extracted via two methods: mechanical and solvent extraction. Expeller Pressed oil uses only mechanical extraction, in which seeds are crushed to release their oil. Mechanical pressing removes about 2/3 of the seeds' oil. Most edible oils on the market are then put through a solvent extraction process to remove the remainder of the oil. Solvents used are harsh chemicals such as Hexane. Because we do not wish to risk trace amounts of chemical solvents in our finished product, we use only 100% Expeller Pressed oil.

What is the shelf life for Crunchmaster crackers?
Crunchmaster products are best if served before 10 months from the production date. You can find the best by date printed on the front of each package.  To keep Crunchmaster products fresh, keep them in an airtight container in a dry, cool environment.  Crunchmaster products can also frozen to maintain maximum freshness; simply thaw them for 15 minutes prior to serving.