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Gluten Free Kids' Resources

Has your child been diagnosed with Celiac Disease or some other form of Gluten Intolerance? Whether you're looking for local support groups, kid-friendly games and recipes, or more information about Celiac Disease, these sites offer lots of great resources for both parents and kids.

Helping kids lead a Gluten Free lifestyle can be tricky, even for experienced parents. Fortunately,
you're not alone – there are a lot of fantastic bloggers willing to offer their advice, recipes and life
lessons learned from raising Gluten Free families. Here are a few of our favorites.

Featured Blogs

  • Kid Friendly Recipes

    Kid-Friendly Gluten Free Recipes

    Who says eating gluten free has to be boring for your kids? Check out this great gluten free guide to creative, kid-friendly recipes that cover everything from meals to after-school snacks and holiday desserts. read more

  • Gluten Free Parenting Guides

    Gluten Free Parenting Guides

    Do you have a child with celiac? Need a hand parenting a gluten free child? These printable resources help you talk to teachers, family members and friends about your child’s special dietary needs. read more

  • Gluten Free Dining

    Happy Gluten Free Dining

    Your kids can't always eat at home. This handy app - available for both iPhone and Google Android - helps you find gluten free options at restaurants, fast food, cafes, grocery stores and more when you're on the go. read more

  • R.O.C.K

    R.O.C.K. – Raising Our Celiac Kids

    This free support group (with lots of state and local chapters) for parents, families and friends of kids on a gluten free diet provides valuable information and resources for raising kids in a gluten free lifestyle. read more

  • Gluten Free Kids

    Raising Gluten Free Kids Is Easier than You Think

    Maggie of "She Let Them Eat Cake" explains that sometimes it's just easier for the whole family to eat gluten free. She also shares eight simple tips for keeping kids happy, healthy and gluten free. read more

  • Art Supplies

    Gluten Free and Allergy Free Art Supply List

    Just because it's not food, that doesn't mean it won't end up in a young child's mouth! Heidi of "Adventures of a Gluten Free Mom" provides lots of great info about gluten free arts and crafts supplies. read more

  • Gluten Free Sandwich Bread

    Gluten Free Sandwich Bread

    Sandwiches are a lunchbox staple, and Heather of "Celiac Family" has some recommendations for baking the best American white bread alternative. read more

  • Cooking with Kayla

    Cooking with Kayla

    In this series of posts, Janelle of "Gluten Freely Frugal" documents her adventures cooking a new gluten free dish each week with her daughters. read more

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